AMORE Addon Files.

Until now, we've explained that AMORE consists of the AMORE Repository, which is really nothing more that a subfolder containing audio files. The AMORE Repository and its audio file contents alone are of no meaning to OFP. The glue that binds OFP to AMORE are AMORE Addon Files.

Each AMORE Contributor must produce a single uniquely named AMORE Addon File. The name of each AMORE Addon File is suffixed with the AMORE Contributor's unique OFP Editing Center's (OFPEC) Tag. So, for example, an AMORE Addon File produced and maintained by me would have the name AMORE_Avon.PBO, since "Avon" is my OFPEC Tag.

AMORE Addon Files are very small. Amore Addon Files contain nothing more than text statements defining the AMORE Contributor's audio files in the AMORE Repository.

An AMORE Contributor needs to update and publicly make available his or her AMORE Addon file whenever the AMORE Contributor releases new AMORE Multimedia Installers to the OFP player community. The AMORE Addon File must then simply be updated to include the additional definitions for the new audio files that were made publicly available.

Unlike AMORE's audio files, which must be placed in the AMORE Repository, AMORE Addon Files must be placed in a valid OFP AddOns folder. Depending on your version of OFP, there are three possibilities where to place your AMORE Addon Files:

  1. \OperationFlashpoint\Amore\AddOns\ - recommended for OFP versions 1.75 and above; uses the AMORE Repository as an OFP mod folder.
  2. \OperationFlashpoint\Res\AddOns\   - for OFP versions 1.75 and above.
  3. \OperationFlashpoint\AddOns\       - for OFP versions 1.20 and above.