AMORE Contributors.

Any person who makes AMORE Multimedia Installers and an AMORE Addon File publicly available is an AMORE Contributor.

All you need to get started on a career as an AMORE Contributor is to register a unique identifier through the OFP Editing Center's (OFPEC) Tag System. The OFPEC Tag System will soon support extended 5-character identifiers versus the current 3-character tags.

You'll most probably need to know a little bit about OFP mission making to become an AMORE Contributor. That's because you have make certain that any AMORE Multimedia Installers you release can be heard when used in OFP. This has always been true for any audio file to be used in OFP, with or without AMORE.

AMORE Contributors must first test their audio files in OFP to assure that OFP can play them. Just because an audio file can be heard when using a popular media player program, it does not guarantee that the same file will play correctly under OFP.

Additional information about OFP audio file requirements and usage can be found in various OFPEC music and sound tutorials.