AMORE file naming conventions.

File Naming Convention Example
AMORE Addon Installer OFP_Amore_Avon_Addon_V1.00.ZIP
AMORE Addon File Amore_ofpecTag.PBO Amore_Avon.PBO
AMORE Addon Readme File Readme.TXT Readme.TXT
AMORE Multimedia Installer OFP_Amore_Avon_Multimedia_RussianSub.V1.00.EXE
AMORE Multimedia Readme File Readme_Multimedia_RussianSub.V1.00.TXT
AMORE audio file anyName.audioFileType redoct.ogg
AMORE Repository subfolders \OperationFlashpoint\Amore\ofpecTag\Music \OperationFlashpoint\Amore\Avon\Music
  \OperationFlashpoint\Amore\ofpecTag\Sound \OperationFlashpoint\Amore\Avon\Radio
  \OperationFlashpoint\Amore\ofpecTag\Radio \OperationFlashpoint\Amore\Avon\Radio

Table Ledger
ofpecTag The AMORE Contributor's unique 3 to 5 character OFPEC Tag.
v Version number, from 1 to 999.
mm Modification or rendition number, from 00 to 99, always two digits.
installFileType ZIP or EXE. These are the two most common installation file types. It is requested that AMORE contributors avoid other installation file types such as RAR and ACE, etc.
anyName A unique name describing the file. This part of the file name is arbitrary and can be something as simple as "Track1" or as complicated as "60sSongForVietnam" or "BoogeyWoogeyBugleBoyOfCompanyB". However, the arbitrary name should be relevant to the file's actual contents.
audioFileType OGG, WAV or WSS. These are acceptable audio file types for OFP.