Getting your AMORE contributions listed.

Obviously, the first place you can expect to get your AMORE contributions publicized is right here on the AMORE section at The FAQ.

However, The FAQ isn't interested in monopolizing this information. So, as time goes by, hopefully other major OFP WEB sites will be interested in obtaining immediate information about new and updated AMORE Contributor files. When that happens, such WEB sites will be listed here, so that you're aware of where and how your contributions will eventually be publicized.


AMORE Contributor File Submission Form

Please fill out the form below, read the terms of agreement at the bottom of the form and submit your request.

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  2. This and all other correspondence between you and The OFP FAQ and all AMORE files submitted may become publicly available.
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  4. The terms of this agreement are subject to change at the whim of The OFP FAQ, without notice.