The importance of these guidelines.

AMORE is designed with a very open standard in mind. Nothing forces the name "AMORE" to be used as the repository's subfolder name. No major disaster would occur if recommended file naming conventions were not adhered to. Names other than OFPEC Tags could be used to uniquely identify AMORE Contributors. There are a thousand ways to produce AMORE installation files.

However, by maintaining a fixed set of conventions, you, the AMORE Contributor, make it easier for the entire OFP player community to continue to use and contribute to AMORE as well as convincing others to become active AMORE Contributors themselves.

As technically sophisticated and experienced as some of you might be, there are many people out there in PC-Land with a limited scope of knowledge even when it comes to basics such as file utilities, installation directories and what have you. By providing consistent methods to enhance and support AMORE, you're benefiting everyone all around.

If you've got a gripe about any of the recommended AMORE guidelines or a suggestion to change them, email me and let's discuss it. For all you know, your ideas and suggestions for AMORE are already being discussed elsewhere, like on BIS' forums, where I often participate.