The OFP Editing Center (OFPEC) has long ago implemented an identification system to clearly identify the producer of a given OFP addon. This ID system is known as the OFPEC Tag System.

The OFPEC Tag System currently supports 3-character tags. However, OFPEC is in the process of converting their Tag System to support 5-character identifiers. This is in conjunction with Bohemia Interactive Studio's Addons-At-Ease (AAE) initiative. More information about AAE can be found on this BIS forum thread.

Using an OFPEC Tag guarantees unique identification for all AMORE Contributors, their AMORE Multimedia Installers and their AMORE Addon Files. This unique identification is fundamental to preserving the integrity of the AMORE Repository.

If you already have a 3-character OFPEC Tag, you can already begin contributing to AMORE. If you prefer waiting for a 5-character OFPEC Tag, then you can start preparing your AMORE contributions but please hold off a little bit longer from distributing them, until the expanded OFPEC Tag System is ready and you've received your tag.

Failure to obtain and use an OFPEC Tag may result in unexpected, unwanted and corrupted contents in AMORE Contributor subfolders within the AMORE Repository. Such occurrences will certainly not enhance an AMORE Contributor's esteem within the OFP player community.