The AMORE Repository.

Repository might be a big word to some of you but the AMORE Repository is really nothing more than a new subfolder added into your OFP install directory by the AMORE Installer.

The AMORE Repository folder is used to store AMORE audio files. The audio files are prepared by AMORE Contributors and distributed in installation files called AMORE Multimedia Installers.

Each AMORE Contributor has a uniquely named subfolder within the AMORE Repository. The subfolder's name will be the name assigned to the AMORE Contributor using the OFP Editing Center's (OFPEC) Tag System.

Let's take an example of an AMORE Contributor named Avon. That's me! The path to my AMORE Repository subfolder would be something like this:


Now, within each AMORE Contributor's subfolder, there will normally be one to three subfolders: Music, Sound and Radio. This is a standardized method to divide up OFP music files, voice and sound effect files and radio broadcast audio files. So, if I were to contribute at least one file of each type, the following subfolders would exist in the AMORE Repository after you've installed AMORE Multimedia Installers contributed by me: