What is AMORE?

AMORE is an open source audio file global storage and retrieval solution for Operation Flashpoint. Sounds complicated? Don't worry - it's so simple. Just read on.

There are many music, voice, and sound effect files incorporated into the numerous missions and campaigns released by the OFP mission making community.

Many of these audio files, including but not limited to music tracks and sound effects, are reusable, both by the mission maker that first made use of them and by other mission makers who themselves would like to use those same audio files in their own missions.

Audio files usually make up the bulk of a mission download file’s size. Until now, if the same audio file was used in more than one mission, each of those missions had to contain its own copy of that same audio file.

From now on, using AMORE, mission and campaign makers can distribute their audio files separately from their missions. These files will be stored and referenced using AMORE, allowing the same mission maker and all others to globally access these audio files in any future missions they develop.