How do I add weapons and ammunition to ammo crates, trucks and other objects?

In the "init" section of the object, you can add weapons to the object by inserting the following statement:

name AddWeaponCargo ["weapon",number]

Where name is the name of the object the weapons will be added to, "weapon" is the reserved name of the weapon you want added and number is the quantity of that weapon to be made available in the object.

For example, if you want to add 15 Mortars to a truck you named "convoy5", you would insert the following statement:

convoy5 AddWeaponCargo ["Mortar",15]

To add ammunition magazines to the object, instead of weapons, just replace the command "AddWeaponCargo" with "AddMagazineCargo".

To remove weapons and magazine previously added to an object, use the following commands:

ClearWeaponCargo name

ClearMagazineCargo name

Where name is the name of the object from which weapons or magazines are to be removed.