Is the Operation Vietnam (OPV) mod dead?

Most probably, now that OFP2 has been announced and several former OPV team members now work for BIS' Australian offices.

However, just for nostalgia's sake, the following is the text of this FAQ item as it appeared before OFP2's announcement:


As of October 2002, the answer is no, although the Operation Vietnam's site hasn't been updated for ages.

Here's an October 4 announcement made by Jonathan "Lansen|OpV" Lindegren

"We are working on it as always and it will be something you haven't seen before. This isn't just a mod like many others. I think many of you knew that but anyway. We will update the OpV page when we feel that it's necessary. We don't just want to show you a lot of models that we wont release before the actual release. We want to show you our product.

Lots of people now thinks that we don't have anything to show because of the lack of updates but I can assure you that we have lots of things made and more is to come."

But don't cry! There's always SEB Nam Pack 2, reviewed on The FAQ's M.O.M. (Mission Of the Moment) pages.