Will OFP be available for the Xbox?


In this XBOXWEB article, BIS' Marek Spanel was quoted as saying ""Technically, we don't see a possibility to bring Operation Flashpoint with all the features to any other existing platform. No final plans on this exist at the moment, and overall Operation Flashpoint with its complexity, benefits heavily from features of current PCs. These include high resolution screen, keyboard, mouse, hard drive space and Internet connection. Generally, we believe this type of game is much better on PC, but we'll see."

Then, on April 16 2002, Codemasters announced that OFP and OFP: Resistance would definitely be available for Xbox owners as a single combined product. However, unlike the OC version being released in June 2002, the Xbox version of OFP won't be available until some time during the winter of 2002.

On May 22 2002, Codemasters issued a complete press release kit officially announcing OFP Xbox to the world. For future information on OFP Xbox, visit The FAQ's OFP Xbox page.