What's all this talk about a US version and a European version?

OFP version 1.00 was first marketed on June 22, 2001 everywhere except for North America. This is what I'm referring to as the European version. NOTE: There are separate versions of OFP for the Czech Republic and for Poland, which I am not referring to here and, in fact, are generally not covered by The FAQ.

OFP version 1.20 became available in North America on August 28, 2001. During the interim, CM released several corrective and add-on patches. These were pre-bundled into the US version 1.20 CDs produced for the North America marketing of OFP.

On September 13, 2001, Codemasters released the Ultimate Upgrade 2 patch for all version 1.00 and 1.10 users to upgrade to the equivalent of US version 1.20.

From hereon in, any additional patches that will be published will be equally applicable for all installations of OFP. For example, the Upgrade 3 patch, released on November 12, 2001, is for all OFP players.

On November 29 2001, OFP Gold and the OFP Gold Upgrade went on sale. OFP Gold is OFP version 1.30, with one very important addition: "Red Hammer The Soviet Campaign". In Red Hammer, you switch sides and play Dimitri Lukin of the Soviet Army. Red Hammer consists of 20 campaign missions.

OFP Gold and the OFP Gold Upgrade are available world-wide both through stores and software mail order firms. Besides the Red Hammer campaign, both also include a new 64-page Operation Flashpoint Prima Strategy Guide.

OFP Gold and the OFP Gold Upgrade can be purchased through links on the FAQ's OFP purchase page.