What is the OFP Game Of The Year edition?

On November 15, 2002, Codemasters announced the international release of the OFP Game Of The Year (GOTY) edition (for North America, read here). GOTY combines OFP's original Cold War Crisis version, Codemasters' Red Hammer campaign and OFP: Resistance into a single package and install process, at a substantially reduced price over purchasing all of these separately.

The GOTY edition's CD will install OFP version 1.85.

Soon after OFP: GOTY's release, BIS released two separate OFP version 1.90 upgrade patches. One is for owners of the OFP: Resistance CD, the other is for owners of the OFP: GOTY CD. This trend of producing separate upgrade patches for OFP: Resistance and OFP: GOTY will continue for any future OFP upgrades that may be released. Make sure you download and install the latest patches appropriate for the CD you own.

Additional information can be found on Codemasters' GOTY Page. You can also order the GOTY edition from me.