Lipstick Anyone?

Sorry! This Avon Lady doesn't sell cosmetics. If you're totally confused (already?), well then that's what a FAQ is for, isn't it? If you really want a glimmer of information about me, you'll just have to tiptoe over to my home page.

Hopefully, this Operation Flashpoint (OFP) FAQ will be constantly updated by myself. Better yet, get off your rump and help me. Many players already have.

The FAQ is constantly being updated. If you couldn't find something in the FAQ the last time you checked, it may have since been added.

If you can contribute information (money accepted in lieu of information), offer constructive criticism or point out errors, dropped links, etc., please don't hesitate to email me. If I quote you in the FAQ and you don't want your name mentioned, please state so explicitly in your post.

It would be nice if some of you OFP site owners out there could link to the FAQ using this link button:

The Avon Lady's OFP FAQ

(BigUp and MaxRes to OFP player Banger for contributing to the design of the FAQ's new look and to Roland Gerschwarzenge for customizing the FAQ's banner and link button!)

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