IMPORTANT! Check your CD drive's ASPI layer.

Whether you have a SCSI or an IDE CD or CD-R drive, many people have resolved various OFP problems by installing or updating what's know as their system's ASPI software layer.

ASPI (Advanced SCSI Programmer's Interface) is a layer of software which manages communication between all kinds of software and your peripheral devices. A small general primer on ASPI can be found here. (Thanks to OFP player ALDEGA for the link).

The ASPI drivers are the property of ADAPTEC. For the latest ASPI drivers from Adaptec, see this page. If that link no longer works, go to ADAPTEC's site and search the site's support and downloads section for "aspi".

However, now ADAPTEC has new version 4.70 ASPI drivers available for all versions of Windows (except for W95) here. Unfortunately, warns this detailed ASPI article at RADIFIED.COM, so far users are reporting major errors and failures with these. So beware!

It has been reported to your truly that various CD ripper and burner utilities, such as EZ-CD Creator, NeroBurn and especially CloneCD may overlay an otherwise perfect ASPI layer in your computer. As an example, OFP player Ralph was suffering from the "Insert correct CD" error on his Windows 98 system when he tried upgrading OFP.

Ralph said installing EZ-CD Creator version 3 completely ruined his machine's ASPI layer. Furthermore, NeroBurn no longer worked, and, as mentioned, he could not install the OFP Ultimate Upgrade 3 patch. 

At first Ralph installed the ADAPTEC ASPI layer patch. This fixed NeroBurn but did not help with the OFP upgrade patch. So Ralph re-installed the ASPI layer from his original Windows 98 CD.
Not only did NeroBurn continue working but he was now able to successfully install OFP Ultimate Upgrade 3. Way to go, Ralph!

If you still have problems determining whether your ASPI level is up-to-snuff or with any of the above available installation procedures, your only choice is to go for something more radical yet ultimate, like the FORCEASPI utility by Flexion.

Unfortunately, Flexion's site is down because of the site's overwhelming popularity for many things, including FORCEASPI. So, until Flexion is back online, yours truly is offering you all the latest version, 1.7, of FORCEASPI, for download from The FAQ. This offer is good until ADAPTEC's attorneys attempt to haul me into court.