An enhanced colors graphics tweak for some Nvidia based graphics adapters.

For certain models of Nvidia based graphics cards (such as some GeForce cards and others), there may be a simple tweak that will enhance OFP's and other game's color rendition on you PC.

OFP player Tracer, on this SIMHQ forum thread, says that if you've got an advanced display setting option named DIGITAL VIBRANCE, you can easily enhance your graphics color displays.

To see if you can do this, right-click on your desktop and select PROPERTIES. Click on the SETTINGS tab and then click on the ADVANCED button. If you see a tab called COLOR CORRECTION, click on it. If you see there a DIGITAL VIBRANCE option, slide its setting to low or medium. Remember to check the small box that says "AUTOMATICALLY APPLY THESE SETTINGS AT STARTUP" - otherwise the settings will be reset next time you boot.

For some cards, the path to click on to eventually find this option's setting might be more elusive. If so, you should be able to find it by installing and using a popular utility, such as RivaTuner for Nvidia and Radeon graphics adapters, available from Guru3D.

Is that better?