Where can I find all of the BAS Files?

Ballistic Addon Studio is no more, as of July 2004, but their addons live on, here at The FAQ and at many other popular OFP sites. To make life easier for the OFP community, I've listed below every official BAS produced file I know of, the latest releases and for OFP Resistance and OFP GOTY versions only. If you see something missing, call on me!

In October 2004, OFP reg Pappy Boyington published the BAS Website Reborn. The site uses much of the graphics artwork that was incorporated in BAS' original website. You'll also find general information and README documentation there about each BAS addon. Eventually, Pappy will also mirror file downloads for all of BAS' addons and missions, as I've done below.


BAS Air Weapons file

BAS Blackhawks and SOAR Pilots

BAS Delta and Ranger Units


BAS Kiowas

BAS Littlebirds

BAS Pavehawks

BAS Repair PBO - fixed (unofficial)

BAS Russian OPFOR Vehicles

BAS Tonal Island and OPFOR Units (includes JAM2) (link temporarily out of order - look here for other mirrors of this file)

BAS Tonal Tango Patch 1

BAS Tonal Tango Patch 2

BAS Tonal Special Forces

BAS Chinooks

Missions and mission packs:

A Few Good Men

Delta Demo Mission Pack

Littlebird Demo Mission

Littlebird Demo Mission (unofficial - modified to use BAS Delta and Ranger units)

Kiowa Demo Mission Pack

Ranger Demo Mission Pack

Woodland Rangers Demo Mission

Chinook Demo Mission Pack

Blackhawk Demo Mission Pack

Spec Op Mission Pack (unofficial, by BAS mission maker Nagual)

Tonal Special Forces Demo Mission Pack