Is there a secret BIS behind-the-scenes fun WEB site?

Yes but you'll have to work a little to find it. Go to BIS' WEB site and find the picture of a man holding a briefcase. This is not as easy as it sounds. Click on the briefcase (you must accurately point your mouse on the briefcase or you'll get linked elsewhere). If you've done it right, you should get prompted for a login user name and password to continue. The login name and password are each one word and must be keyed in lowercase letters only.

Now, the login name is the same as the name of OFP's famous villainous general. That's easy.

The password is the general's nickname. That's not so easy. Hint: it's mentioned on BIS' Resistance site and in the original 1985 Cold War Crisis Campaign's dialogue, in a conversation between Colonel Blake and James Gastovski. (With thanks to BIS' Swedish meatball forum moderator, Denoir).

WARNING: Anyone who emails me, asking for additional assistance on finding the briefcase pic or entering the login name or password information, will have their email address added to my junk email senders list. No second warnings will be given.