Who composed OFP's music and from where can I download the music files?

OFP's 18 contemporary/classical military scores were composed by Czech composer, Ondrej Matejka. The 4 heavy metal rock scores (6, if you have OFP: Resistance) in OFP are the creation of Seventh an Australian band. Here's an interview at Gamespy with Seventh's David Rivera Lagettie, regarding the band's musical involvement with OFP.

You can download Seventh's OFP music in MP3 format from their site and from OFP Network.

To get your hands on Seventh's scores or Ondrej Matejka's scores from within OFP, you're going to have to work a little harder. These files are embedded within OFP's files on your PC. They are not in MP3 format. They're in OGG format. Relax! You'll be able to play them easily with WinAmp and the like. Just read on.

First, you're going to need to use an OFP utility program to extract the OGG files I mentioned. Several programs are available for download from here that can unpack OFP's PBO files.

Whichever program you decide to use, you'll need to start off by unpacking file MUSIC.PBO, located in OFP's DTA subdirectory. In the unpacked PBO directory you'll see about 20 OBB files. Seventh's OBB files are appropriately named according to their titles. Ondrej Matejka's music files are generically named FILE01.OGG, etc.

A file name/titles reference to Ondrej Matejka tracks can be found in file OFP\BIN\STRINGTABLE.CSV. They are:

Combat Ambience (file MIXDOWN.OGG)
Organ Works (file FROST.OGG)
Track 1 - Main Theme (file 01.OGG, etc.)
Track 2 - Walk
Track 3 - Slow Blades
Track 4 - The Fallen
Track 5 - Secret
Track 6 - Dark Side
Track 7 - Heroes
Track 8 - Ocean
Track 9 - Decisions
Track 10 - March Hell
Track 11 - Hunt
Track 12 - Casualties Of War
Track 13 - Suppression
Track 14 - Soviet Theme
Track 15 - Armor
Track 16 - Amen (file 16.OGG)

If you have OFP: Resistance, you can also extract 11 new OGG music scores from file O.PBO in Resistance's \RES\ADDONS\ subfolder. This is a good time to warn you that you'll need to do a bit of extra work to unpack file O.PBO's contents. At present, BIS has not provided titles to Resistance's 11 new scores.

After you've done that, you'll need a way to either play OGG files on your PC or to convert them to MP3 format.

To listen to OGG files with the WinAmp player, either download WinAmp 3 or greater, which includes built-in support for OGGs, or go to WinAmp's site, do a search for OGG there and download the most popular OGG playback plugin listed. The plugin is a very small file (about 100k). For OGG plugins for other players, go to Vorbis.

To convert OGG files to MP3 format, see GoldWave.

Just for the record, you can download an MP3 file of the Soviet national anthem from the Russian Anthems site and from The Marxists. This anthem is what's played during OFP's install (ya know, with Ronny interrupting the orchestra, remember?) but the copy on the OFP CD is only in WAV format.