1979, by Kueter.

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NOTE:  If you've previously downloaded this mission from another site, you most likely do not have the latest version.

Ooooh! This is a great mission. I have to be honest, though. I was in on the beta testing and made numerous suggestions to the author about what I thought should be changed. But from the first time I played this, I knew it would wind up being a winner.

Mission maker Kueter has made a bold decision to let you, the player, take on the role of Mujahideen squad commander. Kueter's already received some nasty emails about this. Please read his disclaimer on the mission's NOTES page.

1979. Russia in Afghanistan. The Mujahideen on the counter-offensive. Soviets incurring numerous casualties. So, too, Allah's soldiers. This mission gives you the feel of it all.

The war has only begun. The Mujahideen need lots of weapons to counter the Russian army's vast might. Your first objective is to lead your men south, to Ust Ata, where the Soviets have amassed a major amount of ammo. It must be captured. Don't bother taking prisoners. It will only hinder your ongoing assignments.

Once the ammo dump at Ust Ata is in your hands, proceed to the checkpoint on the road north of of the Soviet stronghold at Fort Kalzhsk. The Russians have set up a well manned checkpoint there, guaranteeing control of the region's major supply route. It must be eliminated or the enemy armor convoy heading south from Kurgan via Buk to reinforce Fort Kalzhsk will be unstoppable.

To make this feel as authentic as OFP allows the game to get, you're going to need OFP version 1.75 or greater and the following addons:

I won't give you any hints but I will give you some general advise when playing this mission. You need as many men as possible on your squad to survive. Do not sacrifice them. You'll only regret it as the mission proceeds. Use your binocs to recon your target area before engaging. Use the terrain to your advantage. Prioritize your targets by eliminating the most immediate threats first. Stock up on weapons when you have the chance. Outfit your squad with weapons that fit the objectives. And of course, take into account the unexpected. How's that last one for vaguery?

If great mission play and replay aren't enough for you, mission maker Kueter has also included some very good intro and outro cutscenes, with appropriate music for both the Soviets and the Afghans.