One Shot, One Kill, by Amiva.

Download One Shot, One Kill (4,733 KB)

From the land of the rising sun, mission Maker Amiva presents us with One Shot, One Kill - not your average sniper mission.

Speaking of the rising sun, you can sense Amiva's native Japanese influence in the first cutscene. It is indeed no more than a rising sun, with a panache of dramatic background music. My native American influence suggests you eat a Mars or Snickers bar while this scene plays out. It's not that long, so chew quickly.

There are more cutscenes and music to come. The remaining cutscenes are more relevant, portraying what's taking place in the mission's storyline. I personally like Amiva's application of custom music and OFP's own music. He applies it heavily throughout the mission but I find that his choices express the mood of the mission at a given point. Bravo meistro! Of course, if you're an uncultured barbarian, you can always go to the options menu and lower the music volume to the minimum.

OK, enough opera. For the most part, this is a heavy infantry action mission. You start off on the hills above the shoreline, near Goisse, on Malden Island, a typical uphill battle field, if there ever was on.

Now, stop. There's a bug. I'm running OFP version 1.90, for the record. When you start off, you're supposed to be carrying the relatively new hunting rifle (more on this wonderful weapon soon). Sometimes I started with an AK47, other times I start with another weapon. Whenever this happened, I went back out to OFP single player mission menu and restarted the mission again. I eventually wound up with the hunting rifle in hand.

But then there was another bug. I could not shoot the rifle, nor could I change to scope view. Selecting the secondary weapon, an Ingram, and then selecting back to the hunting rifle finally resolved this problem.

If mission maker Amiva is reading this, I'll add half a star to the review here when this is corrected.

Anyway, back to the hill. Your with FIA, the Resistance, supporting NATO forces, as you all strive to reach the top of the hill and conquer Goisse. There's lots of Russians around and they've got a BMP or two. Fortunately, NATO and Resistance have enough able AT soldiers to knock them cold.

Now, as a sniper, you might not get to see much action on the way up to Goisse, unless you decide to advance ahead of your squad. You can try but I'm warning you: the Soviet's incoming wave of soldiers is not the least bit impressed by your chivalry.

Oh, yes, let's get back to the hunting rifle. Even if you didn't use it much up to the point of seizing Goisse, you'll still have your chance. Pay attention to the radio chatter and look up to the sky and you should eventually see an MI-17, dropping a nasty crew of Russians, if there ever was one.

This is where you really get the opportunity to use this awesome hunting rifle. Take up a good distant position, facing the invading Reds, conceal yourself well and pop them one at a time. They'll never know what hit them. You should be able to carve a hefty number of notches on your rifle butt by the end of the battle. And it doesn't end there - but that's all I'm telling you.

This is a relatively short, not too difficult mission, with a primary weapon that gives you the upper hand, if you're good at what you're supposed to be doing. You'll need OFP: Resistance to play One Shot, One Kill.