Ambush USMC, by The Avon Lady

(Updated April 13, 2003, Version 1.1)

Download Ambush USMC (7,563 KB)

I have taken the original OFP single player mission, Ambush, and replaced the standard NATO soldiers originally used in the mission with USMC equivalents from the Current Conflict USMC addon (1,604 KB), by Suchey and Earl. Of course, BIS deserves a ten star rating for this great mission. The one star simply represents my minimal work to create this slightly modified version.

The Current Conflict USMC addon only offers a single USMC soldier unit, along with a newly modeled M16A2 rifle. Standard west units in the mission that carried M16s have been converted to USMC units, carrying the addon's M16A2 rifle model. All other west units have also been converted to USMC units but retain their original weapon layouts. The only west units that were not modified are medics and pilots, as equivalent units are unavailable at present in the Current Conflict USMC addon.

The first version of the addon was released in April 2003. Additional Information about the Current Conflict USMC addon can be found on Suchey's Digital Grenade WEB site and on Earl's Baconbomb Modworks WEB site.