Antipathy, by Anmac.

(Updated June 18, 2003)

Download Antipathy (2,527 KB)

It's time for the Aussies to hop in and help NATO fight the Soviets on Nogova Island. OFP veteran and master mission maker Anmac shows his prejudices to his native land down under and it's bloody great for the rest of us, mate!

It's not too difficult a mission, though you'll foul up if you don't do it just right. You're a squadron officer of the Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR). You and your small squad are to be dropped on Nogova. Your mission: blow up the bridge to Davle and destroy a biochemical truck the Russians are hiding in Velk ves. Just make sure that when you set the explosives under the bridge that you're not detected. If you are, consider yourself toast. Once you've done your duty, you'll receive additional assignments. Hint: for this last part of the mission, grab a PSG-1 sniper rifle. You won't regret it. Hey! Take some LAWs, while you're at it. They're free!

Custom sounds and voices, Aussie humor, cutscenes and the SASR addons all contribute to the realism and the atmosphere that make this one very worthwhile mission. For the record, I had to edit this mission for some definitely obscene content, which I would never promote. I hope all of you, including Anmac, will survive with the changes.

This is the latest version, 1.4, of Antipathy. You're going to need OFP: Resistance to play this mission. You're also going to need all of the following addons:

Is it worth all the addons? Hey! You be the judge. Now jump, you buggers!

UPDATE: 2003/06/18 - The mission download available from MOM is Antipathy version 1.4. The SASR Troops addon and the AMC PSG1 sniper rifle addon have also been updated. If you're not sure whether you have the latest versions of these files, I suggest updating them from the above download links.