Operation Axe-point, by snYpir.

Download Operation Axe-point (36 KB)

The name of this classic OFP mission can be associated with several things brought out by the mission. The most obvious reason the mission's operation is named Axe-point is because the player takes on the role of Alpha squad commander Sergeant Axe. However, the operation's name also relates to the initial action to be taken by NATO forces - capture the hamlet of Lolisse on Malden Island in order to cut off Soviet forces on the eastward water-bound peninsula, known in the mission as Wilson's Point. Get it? Axe? Cut off? Chop-chop? See?

Mission maker snYpir has done a great job of documenting in the mission plan Australian military jargon that is used in the mission's radio text dialog and in the mission's map markers. Read it well so that you'll know what's happening as you advance through the mission.

As Alpha squad's Sergeant Axe, you'll be commanding your squad in the capacity of the squad's M113 gunner. The mission script will cleverly not allow you to switch to the driver's seat, if that would have been your preference.

The mission uses waypoints to guide you through the various phases of the operation. If you're not familiar with waypoints, they show up as yellow box markers on your screen. In order to reach the next waypoint, simply issue "1" and then "9" from the command menu and make sure that you don't have any of your squad mates selected when you issue the command.

Normally, NATO forces will mount an attack when they overwhelm the opposing forces. Indeed, this may hold true for Operation Axe-point. However, as commander and gunner of an M113, just keep in mind that it takes one Soviet AT soldier or a single AT missile launched from a BMP to send you and your rattletrap to the scrap heap. So don't be afraid to tell your driver to halt if you can't see over the oncoming ledge or hear something sinister lurking in the vicinity. Let some foot soldiers advance and clear the way.

There are different debriefings at the end of the mission, depending on how well or terrible you did. Keeping squad mates alive is a priority. Don't try to finish the mission solo.

All this comes in a very small download file, with no unofficial addons required. It's designed to work with all OFP versions from 1.30 and above.