BAS Delta and Ranger Demo Missions, by Ballistic Addon Studios.

(Updated May 11, 2004)

Download BAS Delta Demo Missions (7,914 KB)
Download BAS Ranger Demo Missions (7,942 KB)

Required addons:

Download BAS Delta and Ranger Units Addon V1.55 (15,584 KB)
Download BAS JAM V2 (7,266 KB)
Download BAS Littlebird Addon V1.1 (5,467 KB)
TJP MH-60G Pavehawk (993 KB)

Bonus mission from MOM:

Download BAS Littlebird and Rangers Demo Mission (5,371 KB)


The new BAS US Delta and Ranger soldier units and weapons are definitely the most impressive addons contributed to date to the OFP community. The amount of detail put into these addons is astounding.

The demo missions that were released with the addons are just as impressive. Altogether, there are a total of five action packed, well designed missions in the two Delta and Ranger demo mission download files. The intro cutscenes are breathtaking - the best I've ever seen! Once you start the missions and get hold of the new weapons, you'll never want to go back and use a standard M16 again. They're just that good. To make up for your superior units and weapons, BAS has given the enemy quantity, if not quality, to give you a run for your money.

You're going to need OFP version 1.85 or greater to use these addons.

In addition, I took the original demo mission that BAS produced for their similarly excellent Littlebird chopper addon, released at the end of October 2002, and converted the mission to replace all standard BIS NATO soldiers and weapons with the new Rangers and weapons. BAS have told me that they will be updating this mission themselves. Until then, you'll still have plenty to enjoy from this rendition.


The original version of MOM's bonus Littlebird and Rangers Demo Mission did not take into account that the mission requires the TJP MH-60G Pavehawk helicopter addon. If the README in the download file you have does not mention this, please download the mission again and add the TJP MH-60G Pavehawk's PBO file to your AddOns subdirectory.