BAS Tonal Island Expansion Pack, by Ballistic Addon Studios.

(Updated October 26, 2003)

Download BAS Tonal Island Expansion Pack V1.0 (117,872 KB)

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Download BAS Tonal Island Expansion Patch 1 (7,012 KB)

Download BAS Tonal Island Expansion Patch 2 (11,993 KB)

Although I'm on the BAS team myself, I was shocked into amazement when I got hold of the pre-release version of this pack.

The Tonal Island Expansion Pack (this is the name I've given it) adds an African flavored set of addons and missions to OFP. It's all-inclusive. You've got rebel and governments troops, civilians, safari jeeps and other vehicles and tons of third world weaponry.

What really makes all of these shine is seeing them in action on the enclosed new Tonal Island. This island is breathtaking for it's variety of landscape and foliage, from African shanty towns to swampy tropical jungles.

And action is what you'll get! This is really why this review is here. the BAS Tonal Island Expansion Pack comes with SP and MP missions and even a campaign, Insurgency. Yes there are some bugs and, yes, some of these missions are suicidal, but it's worth being killed for.

The pack also includes an update to BAS' JAM addon files. In case you don't know, JAM stands for Joint Ammo & Magazines. You can find out more about JAM and see why it's becoming very popular with addon makers by browsing the BAS JAM page or the official OFPEC JAM page, from where you can now download the JAM files separately and review JAM documentation.

The BAS Tonal Island Expansion Pack requires OFP beta version 1.92 or greater. Several earlier BAS addons are also required for the enclosed missions. Make sure you read the ReadMe files that come with the pack, as well as the Tonal Island background PDF file, to put you in the mood before you hop into your first jungle firefight.

UPDATE: 2003/11/10 - Patch 2 download link added.

UPDATE: 2003/10/26 - FAQ download link not working. Other download mirror links listed.

UPDATE: 2003/10/12 - Patch 1 released.