Black Ops Hostage Rescue, by Snakeeyes.

Download Black Ops Hostage Rescue (39 KB)

I know! I know! Another nighttime specops mission, you must all be saying. But this one is a doozy!

First of all, let's get some technicalities out of the way. This should play with no problems with OFP version 1.30 through 1.4x. With OFP: Resistance, I recommend upgrading to version 1.85 before trying this mission out. The 1.85 upgrade corrects helicopter pilot behavior. Without this correction, I found that I always died when the mission script auto-disembarked me during insertion. (This mission almost got rejected for MOM because of that). In fact, one or two of your teammates might still die during disembarkment, even with version 1.85. I recommend that you retry the mission until at least one of your teammates survives the jump. If you or your teammates survive but are wounded from the jump, there's a hospital tent on the spot. Nifty!

Another technicality is the addons required for this mission. A PH85 silenced sniper rifle addon is included in the download file. In addition, this mission requires two files from Armourdave and Kegetys' Addon Collection: files AK101.PBO (a Russian AK-101 assault rifle) and STREETLAMP.PBO (various streetlamps). You can download the Addon Collection from Kegetys' OFP addons site. If you install the entire Addons Collection (and why not!), make sure you download the Javelin fix, mentioned there, as well.

Where were we? Oh yeh - the mission!

While you start off in a helo over Malden, you don't stay there for long. There's a teensy-weensy island off of Malden's east coast, where you'll be dropped off (see notes above). From there, you'll navigate a boat to Malden's main satellite island to the east. For a quick glance at a map of Malden and its satellite island, see the maps in this FAQ article.

Your main objective is to rescue some hostages, recently shot down by the Soviets. Read the mission plan and notes carefully. There are several objectives, some are optional. You can play this mission out in many ways. One hint I will give you is to recon wherever you are on the island. It'll help if you can get yourself a decent pair of binocs. That's it. My lips are sealed. The rest is up to you.