Breaking and Entering, by Devilchaser.

Download Breaking and Entering (10,612 KB)

For those of you that don't know it, Devilchaser is one of the early great OFP mission makers. Pity we haven't seen newer works from him lately. Of all of Devilchaser's missions, Breaking and Entering is by far not his best. However, it gives you an opportunity to play a role you're rarely given in an SP mission.

The Soviet's pulled a fast one on NATO forces on Malden Island. NATO commanders in Chapoi thought the Russians were bogged down in La Riviere. Before they knew it, the Russians overran and decimated them in Chapoi. NATO HQ down in Le Port rushed orders for an immediate offensive action to retake Chapoi from the Soviets.

Battle plans call for sending in an armor column consisting of several Bradleys and M113s, along with the support of a generous number of soldiers on foot. You have been assigned the role of a Bradley gunner. Stay alert, pay attention to your commander's targeting orders and use your gunsight as if your life depended on it - it does! There is no lack of enemy AT soldiers or BMPs in the vicinity of Chapoi. Remember, you've been warned.

The intro cutscenes are fantastic. The size of this mission's download is due to the music incorporated within the mission at various points. The only thing that's required to play the mission is OFP version 1.30 and above, with all official addons as of version 1.30 installed. Version 1.30 introduced quite a few new vehicle and weapon addons, the Bradley being one of them. You'll see more of these addons scattered about the battlefield, that is, should you have to complete the mission on foot.

If you notice some lengthy pauses at certain points in the mission, that's OK. It's just the armor column's commander waiting for foot soldiers to catch up with him.