Monty Python's The British Army, by Winters.

Download Monty Python's The British Army (321 KB)

LOL! This sit-back-and-giggle mission is based on the "Fighting Each Other" scene in Monty Python's movie "The Meaning of Life". If you liked the much older Monty Python How Not To Be Seen mission, you'll appreciate this one just the same. Of course, if you would rather be marching up and down the square, no one's stopping you.

One big gripe I have with this mission is that it requires a gigantic addon - BAS' Tonal Island and JAM2 addons (which in turn, require OFP version 1.92), when they really aren't critical to enjoying the mission. I would recommend that mission maker Winters put out a rendition of the mission that works on one of OFP's standard islands, using standard soldier units. That way, even people running OFP version 1.00 might even be able to have a laugh.