Chemical Warfare, by Asmodeus.

(Updated June 27, 2003)

Download Chemical Warfare (5,084 KB)

This is the second in a mission series that master mission maker Asmodeus is producing. First there was City Of The Dead. Now there's Chemical Warfare. When we last left off our Ranger heroes, some of them were captured and taken hostage.

The plot thickens. Bad guys with a chemical facility and scud launchers - a recipe for weapons of mass destruction. In contrast to other world hot-spots, you'll find them here. There's also an officer carrying around the very document you need, revealing the whereabouts of the captured Ranger hostages. And what a coincidence! That officer is at the chemical facility. You're gonna have your hands full.

I suggest starting off the mission by fetching some popcorn and soda to nosh on during the great intro. You're not going to have time during the mission to eat or drink, so do it now.

When you get to the mission briefing page, you've got a good amount of reading to do. The details count! Know your objectives, study the map and gear up accordingly (you and your sole initial AI squadmate). Otherwise, you might not have a chance in succeeding.

You'll start off on BAS' Kawasaki motorbikes. Even if you're in veteran mode, you'll see an annoying yellow waypoint marker on your screen. Just follow it to arrive at your FUP and have the rest of your squad automatically join up with you.

You've got a number of radio commands at your fingertips that control the actions of another squad, Puma Squad. It's up to you to decide when to call them in. An experienced player should know when that time arrives. An inexperienced player - well - has to garner experience. Whenever you do call them in, you'll then have a radio command to order them to retreat when the time comes. While it's not critical, the more Puma squad members that bite the dust, the more points taken off of your final mission score.

It must be stressed that completing the objectives of the mission in record time is what counts. Take out the facility and scuds, find the officer with the documents and get as many of your squad's and Puma's team members out alive and reach the EZ. You do not want to hang around for the enemy's awakening after they've been alerted.

The mission features custom music, voice clips, a great choice of addons and a lot of excitement. The mission is somewhat replayable. It has to be, as I doubt you'll get out alive the first time you've played it. However, the mission is relatively short. You have to move in, achieve the mission objectives and extract. It'll be a harrowing 15-20 minutes if you do it right.

To play Chemical Warfare, you're going to need OFP version 1.91 and the following addons:

Asmodeus once again proves that he's earned the title of mission maker par excellence! Hopefully, he'll inspire others to strive for the same.

Stay tuned for the sequel.