City of the Dead, by Asmodeus.

(Updated April 25, 2003)

Download City of the Dead (2,043 KB)

This has got to be one of the most tense missions I've played in a long time. It's dark, foggy, and there's smoldering destruction everywhere in the nearby village, just bombarded to smithereens by US forces. Just sit back and watch the intro cutscene and you'll know what I mean.

As commander of a Delta team (using the ever-so-lovely BAS Delta and Ranger units addon), your assignment is to go into town and hunt down and destroy the enemy's HAWK Rocket Guidance System computers. Intel says if the computers are still intact, they're somewhere near the center of the village. Intel also says that after the artillery bombardment, you can expect minimal enemy presence. Right? Right! Let me just tell you now that this is not Baghdad.

An important mission starting hint: you have to destroy those computers. How are you going to do that? Check your weapons inventory.

You'll begin the mission on the outskirts of the town. Watch your six. Once you safely make it to a secure recon position (and you'll have to choose which direction you'll be heading in from), assess your method of attack, formation, movement orders. These commands will count a lot here. You don't want to have your squadmates popped off early on. You'll need their help for quite some time. As commander, make it your business to spot targets before they spot you.

If and when you manage to achieve the main objective of the computer system's destruction, you can choose to continue mop-up operations or hail down a helo ride back home.

This mission really strained my eyes. Having to wear NVGs for such a long time and hunting down well entrenched enemies was exhausting. Of course, that's one of the things that makes this mission so good! Make sure you save your game every now and then. This is a long one and you might not appreciate having to go all the way back to the beginning after working so hard to get to where you did.

Upon successful completion of the mission, you'll get to view the winning outro cutscene, which alludes to a sequel. I can't wait!

As I said, you'll need the BAS Delta and Ranger units addon. That means you'll need OFP version 1.85 or greater to play. You'll also need Kegetys' Editor Addon.