Cleaning La Riviere, by Chris Welshman.

Download Cleaning La Riviere (218 KB)

It's a beautiful sunny day on Malden, perfect for a victory and then a swim at the beach. Soviet forces were defeated in La Pessagne (nicely visualized by the introductory cutscene) and what's left of them (quite a few, actually) have retreated south to the port of La Riviere and are in no mood to lay down their arms, regardless of the circumstances. You, in command of your NATO troops, are responsible for finishing them off.

Like I said, there are quite a few of them and they've got some Shilkas, just in case you were thinking of softening them up with some air support. You've got to take them out, clear the nearby hill and then take the town. But it doesn't end there...............

This is a simple plain ol' down to earth OFP infantry mission. Works with OFP 1.30 and above. No addons are used. I originally gave this mission one and a half stars but I missed an important part of the mission when I first played it.