Cold War, by Devilchaser.

(Updated January 14, 2003)

Download Cold War (120 KB)

Devilchaser has already made it to MOM with his mission Breaking and Entering. Now MOM's got another one for you from this master mission maker.

This mission was one of the first missions produced, just after the original release of Kegetys' Winter Kolgujev Island, to allow players to experience what a great addon the island is. I've included three versions of the mission in the download file, depending on whether you have OFP: Resistance or not and whether you have Kegetys' Winter Nogojev or Winter Kolgujev Island addon.

This mission requires two or three popular addons:

  1. Kegetys' Winter Nogojev or Winter Kolgujev Island.
  2. Gunslinger's Editor Upgrade for OFP 1.46 and below or Kegetys' Editor Addon for OFP: Resistance.
  3. Ash's Arctic Armor Pack (not necessary if you're using Kegetys' Winter Nogojev Island).

With November coming up, it's time to put on your long johns, boys and girls, or you'll wind up frost bitten. NATO's snowed-in artillery base on Kolgujev has just received some unexpected heat in the form of a Soviet FROG-7 artillery rocket assault. This was unexpected news to NATO. Fortunately, our spotters out in the cold witnessed the launch and radioed in the source's coordinates.

Since you're already patrolling in the vicinity, you've been issued hasty orders to immediately lead your squad to destroy the FROG launch vehicle (played by OFP's very own Scud transporter). You'll be donned in the finest Artic camouflage uniforms NATO tailors have to offer. Of course, you can expect your Russian counterparts to show up to the ball in similar attire. Gosh! I wish someone would make yellow tinted ski goggles for these winter missions. You can really go snowblind!

Um, there is an itty-bitty logistics problem here, commander, that NATO or maybe the mission maker forgot about. Your squad is not equipped with any LAWs or satchels to fry the FROG. That means you're going to have to improvise a way to destroy the vehicle. Personally, I think Devilchaser knew exactly what he was doing when he designed the mission this way.

Stay alert! Arctic camouflaged enemies have a way of seemingly appearing out of nowhere - even from behind you. So watch your six. When you get there - or better - if you get there, act fast before the ground begins to tremble under your feet.

The mission incorporates several nice additional effects, including Russian SU-25 flyovers and artillery barrage sound effects. You won't have a moment's peace.

Enjoy the excellent introductory cutscene that really sets the mood for this mission. If the cutscene ends and you don't see the mission plan notebook, hitting your keyboard's space bar ought to do the trick.