Combat Support P2 (beta), by Wolf

(Updated December 30, 2002)

Download Combat Support P2 (beta) (43 KB)

OFP veteran Wolf is holding down quite a few jobs simultaneously. He's on the staff at OFPEC, involved with Canadian OFP mod Operation Northstar and he's got his very own OFP WEB site, where you can download his missions from, including this one.

You're a Russian Spetsnaz commander of a small but stealth sniper and saboteur squad. You're positioned on the edge of the woods, just a stone's throw away from Provins. Soviet armor and troops are about to attack Chotain to the east and Figari to the south on your signal. That will hopefully lure away a few of the heavy guns sitting in Provins, so that you can take and hold the town. Should you need assistance, there's a backup Resistance squad waiting nearby for your radio call.

What's good about this mission is that it's a straightforward gunfight. No twisted plot here. Just plenty of action, both in commanding your squad and in putting your Dragunov to good use. Just be warned that capturing Provins is not a pushover.

What I don't like about this mission is that the terrain is not really conducive to sniping. However, if you're a sniper squad and this is the predicament you're in, you've got to use the equipment you're carrying, like it or not, I suppose.

You're going to need OFP version 1.85 or greater to play as well as these addons:

  1. LCD sniper (1 KB)
  2. Street lamps, from Kegetys' Addon Collection v1.2, available from Kegetys' addons page (7,130 KB).

The mission includes short and simple intro and ending cutscenes. That along with some good fighting and a very small download file size says that you should give Combat Support P2 a try. That's an order!