Compromised, by TJ.

Download Compromised (4,599 KB)

I still haven't beat this mission but I'm laughing my head off every time because this mission is so unusual, comical and very challenging.

MP mission maker and server host TJ has recently graced the OFP player community with his first few SP missions. I've been familiar with TJ's psyche over the last two years or so and all the trappings of his warped mind shine in this production.

You and your small saboteur squad have been captured while spying in northern Malden Island, the apparent location of the extremist Islamic sect known as the El Quidd-Sinn. They're known for their ruthlessness and also for their bad taste in music. You'll have to find that out for yourself.

After the worthwhile intro cutscenes, you'll start off the mission imprisoned in a hangar. You've got 30 minutes to try to save your buddies, being held separately, and then head for your escape chopper, a Blackhawk, hidden in the northwest. With no weapons and heavily guarded, you'll have to figure out how to do away with the watchmen and break out of the hangar, whose doorway is fenced in, just in case you asked. The clock is ticking. There's no time to lose. Choose your weapons carefully.

OFP: Resistance is required to play Compromised. No unofficial addons are used. Great cutscenes, custom voices, terrible music, lotsa humor, originality and hard gameplay earn this mission its three stars. MaxRes, TJ!