Operation Counting Out, by Richard Cannon.

Download Operation Counting Out (19 KB)

This is a good saboteur mission for OFP newbies and a quickie for the veterans, if they're in the mood to spend twenty minutes to take out the personnel at a Russian base.

You're commander of a 4 member saboteur squad, dropped onto Kolgujev at dawn. Your mission is to eliminate every last Soviet soldier on a base to the north of your drop point.

Like I said, it's an easy mission - great for OFP beginners or for regs that want a guaranteed win. The author in the download's README file gives himself too much credit in thinking that tremendous amounts of strategy and tactics are necessarily involved in playing the mission. I practically achieved the objective single handedly, without the help of the rest of the squad. The main prerequisite to winning is reconning the target before beginning the operation.

Operation Count Out can be played with any OFP version. No addons are required.