The Daily Grind, by Azraell.

Download The Daily Grind 1.1 (5,939 KB)
Download The Daily Grind 1.2 (5,932 KB)

First a technical note. I downloaded version 1.1 of this mission from OFPEC's Mission Depot. When I tried playing it, I received an error message for an addon named "hmmwvsas", which prevented me from seeing any of the cutscenes but I could still play the mission. This error is caused by an unofficial addon file, SAS.PBO, interfering with OFP's official Hummer addon. So I recompiled this mission's PBO file to resolve the missing addon reference and I changed the README file to number this rendition as version 1.2. Otherwise, no other changes were made to the mission. Which version should you unload? If you don't have the SAS.PBO addon file, download version 1.1. Otherwise, download version 1.2. Now, let's get back on topic.......................

This mission should have been named "Remember the Alamo" or "Custer's Last Stand". You're bound to die with your boots on, at least the first few times you replay the mission. You're the commander of observation post #6 on Nogova Island. Your post overlooks the narrow valley leading north, towards the sea. Large Soviet infantry forces are heading up the valley, straight at your position.

Since you're just in charge of a mere observation post, you're not well equipped for this overwhelming assignment. Nevertheless, try to hold off the initial wave against your position. Maybe help will arrive to reinforce your defenses. You should live so long!

I like this mission because it really is a do or die scenario. It takes a lot to beat back the initial swarm of enemy troops that attempt to overrun your position from all sides. Which is why I don't like the mission more than the star and a half rating I gave it, because it's more like do and die. Surviving is next to impossible. Be prepared to be swarmed again!

If I were mission maker Azraell (who has emailed me that, sadly, he no longer has anything to do with OFP), I would have made the mission a bit more even handed by adding additional reinforcements during the last Russian assault phase of the mission. Besides that, the only other modification I would make to the mission is to add fuel to the observation post's jeep and Hummer. They're on empty at mission start, which is not very realistic. I could have modified this myself but it's not critical and I prefer that you all play the mission as it was originally designed to be played.

If you've lived long enough to kill off the advancing Russians and, nevertheless, the objective to defend the post still isn't marked as completed, that means there's a Commie or two still lurking around, most likely right under your nose. Find them, kill them and then write your own last will and testament.

The mission download file is very large because of the music scores used throughout the cutscenes and the mission itself. I must admit, however, that the intro cutscene is a cinematic work of art.