Dead By Dawn, by Toadlife.

Download Dead By Dawn (89 KB)

OFP mission and addon maker Toadlife has introduced many original ideas into his OFP work. Mission Dead By Dawn contains one such example.

As mission's go, playing Dead By Dawn is not difficult at all. Take the recently reviewed Harbinger mission and remove everything except for the primary objective to neutralize the airbase in northern Malden Island and that pretty much sums it up. Oh, also keep in mind that nobody likes you in this mission - not the Russians nor the resistance.

What's makes Dead By Dawn interesting is Toadlife's introduction of an airstrike targeting script that works by you pinpointing a target through your binoculars. This method of targeting is easier to use than the one incorporated in the mission Hunter-Killer, where your helicopter's current flight position sets the target coordinates. I would still like to see a targeting system that lets you set coordinates by simply clicking the target location on the mission map. Anyway, detailed instructions on using Dead By Dawns targeting system are under the notes tab in the mission notebook.