Dusk Devil, by Kittycat.

Download Dusk Devil (23 KB)

The truth of the matter is that this mission deserves maybe three quarters of one star. However, I'll be generous and up it to MOM's one star minimum, just in case some of you agree with me that there is value - even replay value - in this mission.

Nothing complex here - a plain and simple infantry combat mission. You're a grunt, heading inland on the east coast of Malden. Your objective is to take out the Russian AA troops in Dourdan. Once that's done, Captain Ramsey's AA squad, south, in Houdan, will be able to reposition in Dourdan for a better vantage point against Soviet air power.

If only life was so easy. Be prepared to fight shoulder to shoulder with you buddies. If you cower in the rear, you may never make it as far as Dourdan or will regret having made it there once you break through.

There is more than one way to stay alive in this mission and you may have to decide on one of those ways at a crucial point in the battle. All I can add is that I was out of breath by the time I successfully finished the mission. Enough said. I'll only become more cryptic if I go on.

No unofficial addons required. A minimum of OFP version 1.30 is needed to play.