An Evil Act, by Assassin

Download An Evil Act (54 KB)

Here's another good mission in a small package. Mission Maker Assassin invites you all to a little beach party. You'll love the atmosphere! If you make it off the landing boats alive, consider yourself lucky. Trying to get on terra firma while NATO is pounding the shoreline with artillery is wishful thinking.

You're a Resistance squad commander, assisting the Russians to seize the coastal town Meaux. NATO is well entrenched there and they've got some big guns around to deal with pests that shouldn't be there. That's you, fathead!

There's a crutch you can lean on. You can radio in Blackdog, a Soviet armor team, to come and help. Problem is that NATO's got a crack AT squad in Meaux as well. Wouldn't you know!

So, to seriously succeed in this mission, you have to start off by both capturing Meaux and wiping out NATO AT squad. But you're not finished there. The next objectives are relatively a piece of cake, well deserved after your initial victory.

The order has come in from Soviet command: take no prisoners! You're to head north of Meaux and slaughter all wounded NATO troops you come across. Yes, that includes the hospital. Yes, command knows they're unarmed. After all, where did you think this mission got its name from?

But that is not all! Oh, no, that is not all. Just a bit further up ahead of the hospital is Saint Philippe. You have to take that, too. Don't worry. It's a pushover after what you've been through in Meaux. Finally, once Saint Philippe is also in Soviet hands, keep heading north to NATO's nearby supply depot. The support trucks there are much needed to replenish Russia's illustrious troops back in Meaux. Drive the trucks back to Meaux and you'll be guaranteed that 3 day pass to the motherland.

An Evil Act uses no unofficial addons. The mission can be played with OFP version 1.30 and above.