Facile Ground, by Sui(cide).

Download Facile Ground (3,829 KB)

It's great to see experienced mission makers continuing to plug away to entertain the crowds. And mission maker Sui has done a great job of it with his new (but thoroughly tested) mission, Facile Ground. I tremendously enjoyed beta testing this mission when it was first developed back in February 2003. Now that Sui has finally gotten the voice actors together to record the mission's verbal dialogue, he's released the final version of Facile Ground.

As the storyline goes, Facile Ground is a sequel to Sui's previous mission, Airborne. You start off with a great intro cutscene, showing two Apaches on patrol when, suddenly, they come under attack. Great footage and atmosphere here, though the cutscene only slightly relates to your role in the mission.

Your reputation as a top war dog marches before you. So much so that you've been assigned to command a squad under the command of Lieutenant Hogan. The lieutenant doesn't like it when things don't go according to plan so you better pay attention to details and do things right the first time.

Heading out of Saint Louis, you will be part of a force assaulting Larche to the west. There's a recon man out there who's got his eyes on the town and says that there's not much heavy armor to be seen. You'll be accompanied by light and heavy armor and additional troops, heading towards Larche in parallel to your path, along the main road.

I don't want to tell you too much more. I'll just mention that things might happen on the way to Larche and if you succeed in capturing Larche, your success may only be temporary. If you're one of the lucky ones, you'll understand that sometimes to win, you just have to survive.

There is great scripting in this mission but it's not perfect. It was complex enough while the mission was undergoing beta testing and I've still found that problems can kick in. If you're at a point where the mission doesn't seem to be continuing, try going into 4-speed time acceleration, run around the vicinity you're in and see if anything gets triggered by that. If not, grumble and restart the mission from scratch.

Most of the download file's size is the due to the numerous voice acting sound clips incorporated into the mission. The cream of the crop of OFP mission makers got together to contribute their voices to Sui's mission. While the quality of the clips varies, this is a great cooperative effort and I hope to see more mission makers in the future going to such lengths to perfect their missions.

Facile Ground requires no addons. It was originally developed with OFP version 1.90 and the final release was tested under version 1.91.

This mission begs for another sequel. C'mon, Sui! But this time don't let it take over half a year to see the light of day.