Finnish Defense Forces Mod, by FDF Mod Team.

(Updated December 28, 2003)

Download FDF Mod V1.2 (307,035 KB)

Download FDF Mod V1.1 to V1.2 upgrade patch (98,532 KB)

Download FDF Mod V1.2 fixed campaign (11,601 KB)

Download FDF Mod SP mission pack 1 (8,413 KB)
Download FDF Mod MP mission pack 1 (7,640 KB)
Download FDF Mod MP mission pack 2 (5,964 KB)
Download FDF Mod MP mission pack 3 (1,662 KB)

This review should have been published a few days ago, the same time that the Finnish Defense Forces (FDF) Mod was released. Unfortunately for you, I was too tied up playing this remarkable mod to find the time to tell you about it.

The FDF Mod has it all! It has its own sounds, voices, music, menus, weapons, planes, vehicles, islands (including a retextured Everon Island and a brand new island, Karjala), SP and MP missions, its own campaign and, of course, soldiers. It even includes addons based on the original BIS models, corrected and improved for accuracy and added realism. And it doesn't have just a few of these - it has tons of them! For a better idea of what you get for downloading so many megabytes, have a glance at the mod's latest README documentation.

The people involved in creating this mod are some of the best and most well known that the OFP community has recognized for a long time. I won't single anyone out. They all deserve such tremendous credit.

So far, besides gawking at all the goodies packed into the FDF Mod, I've played through the first SP mission, "As An Eagle Flies" and several of the campaign missions. Everything's new! Soldiers, weapons, island, sounds, voices. Even the T72 tanks behave and react differently. And OFP's standard BMPs have been shrunk down to there real life sizes, an issue many players have griped about over the last two years.

Keep in mind that this is a true OFP modification. So even when you play OFP's original missions and campaigns, you'll be using many of the corrected and improved units, sounds and effects that the FDF Mod provides. In case you're worried, no, installing the FDF Mod does not alter your original OFP files in any way. The FDF Mod installs as an independent OFP mod folder. So relax!

You must be running OFP version 1.94 beta or higher in order to use the latest version of the FDF Mod.

If you're already using version 1.1 of the FDF Mod, you can download the V1.2 upgrade patch file. Otherwise you must download the full V1.2 install file. Make sure to also download the fixed campaign file.

Some of the FDF Mod's supplied missions make use of or reference to Kegetys' Winter Nogojev and Russian Weapons Pack addons. So I suggest you install them, if you haven't done so already. Make sure to read Winter Nogojev's ReadMe documentation carefully regarding potential conflicts with older addon files.

If you're going to download and install the extra SP and MP mission packs, just make sure that you don't overwrite existing mission files with a later date than the files in the packs.

It's very important the your read all of the mod's README documentation files to understand how to install or update the FDF Mod, to be informed of currently known issues and how you can contact the FDF Mod team with your questions or comments.

UPDATE: 2003/12/29 - Added downloads for version 1.1 to 1.2 patch and the fixed campaign file. Added note on Kegetys' Winter Nogojev and Russian Weapons Pack addons.

UPDATE: 2003/12/28 - Added downloads for version 1.2. Removed older version downloads.

UPDATE: 2003/12/08 - Added downloads for all version 1.0 SP and MP mission packs and corrected V1.1 SP mission Carelian Pie.

UPDATE: 2003/12/07 - Added download for version 1.1 upgrade.

UPDATE: 2003/07/06 - Added download for corrected file FDF_v.pbo.

UPDATE: 2003/07/06 - Updated download for corrected MP mission pack 1.

UPDATE: 2003/07/02 - Added download for corrected MP mission pack 1.