From Nogova With Love, by Ex-RoNiN.

Download From Nogova With Love (2,839 KB)

Master mission maker Ex-RoNiN, the first ever MOM review recipient, has not been taking his war-making seriously lately. His latest mission, From Nogova With Love, is a spoof on the old Bond film, From Russia With Love. This time, however, you won't be playing agent Double-Oh-Seven. Instead you're Double-Oh-Nine and your name is Blonde - John Blonde.

You'll start off with "M" filling you in on former fling and tank-jacker, Tanya Kovalskya, wanting to trade her knowledge of the whereabouts of the sinister Igor Fedorov for safe defection from Nogova. The next thing you know, you'll be flying off in one of "Q"'s laboratory tested flying machines to the mainland, where you'll meet up with Tanya, Olga and the rest of Nogova's women.

Don't worry! You'll have a hot set of wheels that will be the envy of the island's Trabant owners. Plus you'll have your trusty Walther P99 safely tucked away under your jacket to protect you at all times - or maybe not.

Sounds like a lot of suspense, action, mayhem and intrigue are in store? Well, not that much. At some points in the mission I had a good laugh over the cheesy dialog. At other times, I almost fell asleep behind the wheel during long rides in the countryside. And if I hear the Bond theme music one more time, I'll go insane!

This mission requires OFP version 1.91 or greater and the following three 007 props:

  1. BMW M5 Automobile (1,220 KB).
  2. Walther P99 Pistol (342 KB).
  3. 007 Mini-Jet (2,340 KB).

The mission has minimal replay value but give it a go. After all, you only live twice.