Hamburger Beach, by Ex-RoNiN.

Download Hamburger Beach (5,280 KB)

This is the first mission reviewed by MOM simply because it inspired me to come up with the idea of MOM in the first place!

This mission takes place on OFP: Resistance's Nogova Island. You'll start off in a beach landing, commanding your troops to clear the beachhead and the hills above it. Your goal is to reach the nearby town and retrieve an important document hidden away there. Then get back down to the beach for a helo extraction.

Lots of nice touches here. The intro cutscene is mainly for your musical enjoyment. Sit back and enjoy it. The briefing is clear and succinct. The mission contains lots of battlefield sound ambience, so be prepared for a headache, which is most likely the minimum you would get in a real mission of this nature.

The mission requires two unofficial addons: the Higgins landing craft and the M-101 light howitzer. Both are included in the downloadable file. These addons should be placed in in the old OFP version's ADDONS subdirectory (see this FAQ item for further information).

I got 7450 points and a gold star.


  1. The mission goals should be placed on page one of the mission plan. Whenever I went back into the mission notebook, I had to go to the second page to see my mission goals status.
  2. At some point the combat ambiance sounds should die down, get more distant or disappear altogether. I would suggest this be triggered by reaching the crest of the town, even if the beach hasn't been 100% cleared. If you got up there, it's 95% clear.
  3. If Soviet forces retreat after heading for extraction at the beach, that should be equivalent to holding them back and allowing the mission to be completed successfully.
  4. I did not understand the significance of the end cutscene, with the solitary Soviet officer standing on the road.
  5. The ending outro with the Chinook and slow violin music was nice but too long. Also, at the end of it, the camera seemed to be stuck close up to one of the Chinook's windows, which seemed silly. Also, the Chinook should have landed at the beach for extraction, according to the storyline.

Ex-RoNiN has responded that he hopes to polish up and perfect all of his missions by late December, instead of wasting his valuable time, as he is now, studying at university.