Harbinger, by Miles Teg.

Download Harbinger (63 KB)

Time to pull out the dictionary again.

har-bin-ger (här'bin juhr) n., v. <-gered, -ger-ing>


1. one that announces or foreshadows the
approach of someone or something;
forerunner; herald.

2. a person sent in advance of troops, a
royal train, etc., to provide or secure
lodgings and other accommodations.

A well chosen name for a well designed mission. Harbinger works with OFP 1.30 and above and uses no unofficial addons.

Start by sitting back and enjoying the cinematics of the opening cutscene. There's simulated satellite intelligence data followed by you and your squad free-falling from what's been my highest para-drop in an OFP mission so far. Cool!

Read the mission plan. It's simple but you've got to follow through. It says you should free the resistance leader first before advancing to your primary objective? Then do it, soldier! Just keep on your toes and pay attention to intel radio and dialog messages that appear throughout the mission. It might save your skin.

Complete the mission successfully and you-know-who will avow vengeance upon you and the US forces.

Miles Teg is a master mission maker. Just take a look at his mission page. Well don't just take a look - download and play some more of his missions! Don't be surprised if this is not the last of Miles' missions to be nominated as a MOM.


  1. I don't know if it was intentional but objective check items are not displayed in the mission plan page.
  2. The enemy forces at the airbase are a little bit too thin, in my opinion. I would expect a larger presence at such a strategic location.
  3. When playing this mission under OFP: Resistance, it was impossible to play because of extremely sluggish behavior. This problem has occurred with many older missions I've tried playing in OFP: Resistance. I resolved the problem by lowering my TERRAIN DETAIL setting in OFP's VIDEO OPTIONS menu from HIGH to NORMAL. This is in no way any fault of the mission maker. It is a technical problem OFP has with certain missions. See this FAQ item for further information on the subject.
  4. The ending cutscene tells us to stay tuned for the sequel mission. Well, Miles, where is it?!