HDW Battlefields, by The Avon Lady

(Updated June 25, 2003)

Download HDW Battlefields, V1.40 (804 KB)

HDW stands for High Detail Weapons, an addon pack just release by veteran addon maker Inquisitor. This weapons pack is loaded with high quality textured weapons for both West and East OFP forces. There's even a bayoneted Kalashnikov model!

Speaking of bayonets, Inquisitor also released a bayonet equipped OICW assault rifle, of similar quality as the weapons in the HDW Pack.

The HDW Battlefields missions are a set of three missions, which I adapted from the original OFP Battlefields single player mission. The conversions replace OFP's standard weapons with similar ones from the HDW Pack and from the OICW assault rifle addon. In addition, the missions use the HDW Pack's West soldier units, which are copies of BAS US Ranger units. The main purpose of these missions is to highlight and demonstrate just how impressive these weapons are.

In mission HDW Battlefields, you play a US grenadier on the offensive, just as you would in the original Battlefields mission. Mission HDW Battlefields OICW is pretty much the same, except that you're equipped with a highly lethal OICW assault rifle. In mission HDW Battlefields (East), the tables are turned and it's the Russians attacking the defending Americans, with you playing a Russian grenadier.

I've also added a modified copy of OFP's original mission Clean Sweep, with all the West saboteurs equipped with OICWs. With the exception of the player's OICW, I've removed all the HE 20mm magazines from the OICW because they're so overpowering that your team would destroy every Russian in town within the first minute of mission play. However, I did leave the player one HE 20mm magazine to toy with. Whoop it up!

Like most people, I am impressed with the weapons, their iron sites, scopes and sounds. The HDW Pack and the OICW are, however, not perfect. Note that if you've got a weak PC, the use of the HDW Pack's weapons and the OICW may strain your CPU. These missions are a good way to benchmark this.

Lots of mostly compliments and constructive criticism about the models, scope views and weapons attributes can be found on this BIS forum thread. I hope Inquisitor will take into account some of the suggestions made and release more updated versions of these addons in the near future.

You can download Inquisitor's High Detail Weapons Pack version 1.1 from here (20,211 KB) and Inquisitor's OICW addon from here (2,203 KB).