Hero Of The Day, by Poet.

(Updated June 15, 2003)

Download Hero Of The Day (4,372 KB)

Mission maker Poet proves that it's hard to go wrong when you place BAS' Delta & Ranger units up against UCE's Middle East Resistance units on Cat's recently released Afghanistan Island, in a search and rescue hostage mission.

Your pal, Major Halliday, has been captured by the Taliban and is imprisoned somewhere in a mountainous valley deep in enemy controlled Afghanistan. You're gonna have to knock out anything that gets in your way until you accomplish your primary objective of freeing the major.

Nothing original in this plot but when combined with the mixture of great addons and a competitive number of enemies, all in a breathtaking landscape, this makes for an enjoyable and even replayable mission. The intro and outro cutscenes show off some of Afghanistan Island's impressive terrain. Enjoy the BAS Littlebird chopper ride on the way in to the LZ. By the way, if any of the choppers crash on the way in, just restart the mission. This can happen once in a while.

Be warned that there are certain areas of the Afghanistan map that offer perfect camouflage covering for UCE's Middle East enemy units. You may not know what hit you. If you were lucky, you may have survived a shot and were keen enough to have detected the direction from which that round came in from. This mission is not overly difficult to play but you will have to keep your eyes wide open to make it through - and binocs can sometimes be your best friend. The hills are alive!

Hopefully, you already have most of these amazing addons that the mission makes use of. Yes, the Afghanistan Island download is one big chubby file but you will be amazed by what you see. It's worth every byte!

If you like the mission's introductory theme song, by Metallica, you can play it again during the mission, using an available radio command. You'll also find a convenient SAVE GAME radio command there as well.

I'm looking forward to more missions by Poet! Keep 'em comin'!

* This mission will not work with later versions of Cat's Afghanistan Island because of changes to island locations and objects that were made by the addon maker.