Hind and Seek, by THE 81

Download Hind and Seek (12 KB)

This is a good mission for OFP newbies but, weighing in at only 12KB, it doesn't hurt for any of you veterans to take a look at it. At worst, you get to kill a lot of Russians.

It's another beautiful day on Everon. The air is so crisp and clear that your rebel base, long shrouded by inland fog, has caught the eye of a Soviet Hind pilot. So, while you and your squad were out in nearby Figari stocking up on Twinkies and Mars Bars, the Hind made minced meat of your base.

Drop the groceries, stupid, and get back to base to check for survivors. After that, it's payback time.

No addons required. According to the mission maker, this mission even plays with OFP version 1.00.