Hunter-Killer, by The Phoenix.

Download Hunter-Killer (264 KB)

I don't know about you but my feet are killing me from running all over OFP's islands in recent missions here at MOM. Time to take to the air, for a change, in one of The Phoenix's most creative missions, Hunter-Killer.

The intro cutscene gives you a good idea of NATO's current situation on Everon. Your job will be piloting an OH-58 Kiowa Warrior chopper, to recon Everon for enemy encampments and patrols. When you find them, you've got some nifty radio controls to designate artillery fire on the target, adjust target coordinates and issue the fire orders.

Details on using the radio controls are in the mission plan. Make sure you understand them before you play. You may want to jot down some short reminders about them so that you don't have to jump back and browse through the mission plan while your bird is in the air.

I have one negative comment about this mission and it cost the mission's rating at least half a star. When you request artillery fire, the coordinates where your chopper is located are used to designate the target location. Correct me if I'm wrong but I would expect that in real life, the last thing a helicopter pilot would want to do is to get so close to a target that the helo itself risks being attacked then and there by enemy forces right below it. In fact, this can easily happen in the mission.

I would think that when a pilot locates a target, the pilot should be able to withdraw to a safe distance and radio in the map coordinates where the target is located. I don't know if this can be done in OFP but I would love to see this mission modified to designate targets by the player placing a target marker on the map screen.

Are my assumptions about real-life targeting wrong? If so, forget what I said. If they sound right, can anyone out there modify this mission to allow target designation by map marker placement? If someone can do it, I'll update this MOM review, increase the review score and give credit to the gifted person who succeeded in doing it.

This mission can be played on any version of OFP from 1.30 and above. The download file includes a document compiled by the mission maker, with information about the actual Kiowa Warrior. No unofficial addons are used. Forgive me but I personally modified the intro cutscene text dialog to remove harsh expletives.