Canadian Huskies, by Avatar.

Download Canadian Huskies SP for Winter Kolgujev (1,325 KB)
Download Canadian Huskies SP for Winter Nogojev (1,239 KB)
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Download Canadian Huskies MP coop for Winter Nogojev (622 KB)

Time to make some hot cocoa before heading out into the cold. And believe me, Northern Alberta, Canada, is freezing - at least in this mission it is.

The big-mouthed Canadian ambassador to the UN has riled up the Taliban with his chiding the affairs of the pre-9/11 Afghan theocracy. The ambassador might as well be named Salman Rushdie The II, as the Taliban have put a price on his head. So, when the chips are down, what better place to run and hide than in Northern Alberta in the midst of a harsh Canadian winter, right?

Wrong! Even with not a camel in sight, those Taliban are hot on the ambassador's trail, in position to pounce. You're in charge of the top-notch Canadian squad that's going to save loose-lip's hide. Your base is surrounded by trip wires that will give you advanced notice of any unwanted predators (and I don't mean polar bears) attempting to encroach upon the ambassador's home away from Nome.

I have one gripe about this mission. Throughout the gunfights, the unarmed ambassador keeps an extremely stiff upper lip by standing tall, as if to say "here I am - hit me". Either that or he's frozen solid in place. It would be nice to see the mission changed to allow you to instruct the ambassador to cower behind one of the base's barracks, or he should do so himself. I improvised a way to shield him somewhat. If you want to know how, you'll have to ask me personally.

This mission comes in two flavors: SP and MP coop. The review here is based on playing the SP version of the mission, using OFP: Resistance 1.85 and Kegetys' Winter Nogojev Island addon. Frankly, this looks like a fun mission to play in coop, as well.

I reedited the mission's myself to produce versions for use with Winter Nogojev Island. If you're using Kegetys' earlier Winter Kolgujev Island addon, you can play Canadian Huskies with any OFP version from 1.30 and up.